Enabling real-time transit data

enrouteQ empowers cities and transit operators to generate and share real-time data with riders across the urban mobility landscape.

Accurate real-time data boosts ridership and improves transit service reliability

Digitalizing public transit with software as a service tools

Trip planning

We create GTFS static data feeds by mapping terminals, stops and routes with our COLLECTOR app or coupled with GPS tracking devices installed on the bus. The feeds generated meet open public transit data standards.

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With our Android DRIVER app or a GPS tracking device, GTFS Realtime feeds are generated, including information on the live location of vehicles and ETAs. The dynamic transit data can be exported and made available on any transit application, including our eQ Transit app. 

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Build trust and boost ridership by providing riders with the most accurate ETA information and live location of buses. With our eQ Transit app, riders can easily search for trips, nearby stops and routes, as well as receive information about disruptions and trip updates.

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With our Android DRIVER app or a GPS tracking device, a vehicle becomes instant visible to operations management and riders. Live location of buses can be monitored and real-time information on service alerts and disruptions can be shared with riders.

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With our eQ Transit app, riders can e-hail buses and search for their destination on a map, view nearby buses, and request a ride. The vehicle is shown in real-time with the ETA at the pick-up location.

We make cities and transit operators leapfrog from where they are today
With our transit software tools, we enable cities and transit operators to create, export and publish open transit data for multimodal urban mobility. We believe in transforming the mobility landscape into more sustainable, smart and user-centric transit by making real-time data available for all.

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