Data-driven solutions for public transport

Quickly design routes and activate drivers with off-the-shelf Android devices to monitor and optimize buses in real-time.

Real-time monitoring and optimization of public transport operations

We know public transport
enrouteQ tackles all the entry barriers to a flexible and optimized real-time operation in just a few weeks. We use off-the-shelf Android devices, the cellular network and an affordable subscription service.

Digitalize your operations in 3 easy steps


Create detailed digital maps of your public transport network, showing terminals, routes, stops and hailing points. Edit routes for accurate route planning and service optimization.

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Optimize schedules, monitor route adherence, handle detours and bus bunching with our Transit-as-a-Service model. With a proactive ETA model, we create accurate traffic data on bus positions.

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Boost ridership by providing passengers with the most accurate ETA information and live location of buses. Passengers can easily search for journeys and pay for fares, as well as e-hail buses for on-demand services.

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Latest news

enrouteQ joins MobilityData to improve global mobility

enrouteQ is driving the development of a “General On-demand Feed Specification” (GOFS) together with MobilityData and a group of international stakeholders. The group aims at improving discoverability and trip planning for on-demand services in mobility apps, thus enhancing riders’ mobility experience.  As advocates for open data, we are proud to join MobilityData in

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