Trip planning

Realtime information for efficient trip planning

Generate and share accurate realtime updates with your passengers. Build trust and boost ridership by providing passengers with the most accurate arrival times and live location of buses. With our eQtransit app, passengers can easily search for trips, nearby stops, and routes, as well as receive information about trip updates.

More riders. More revenue.

Optimize services and make realtime information available to your passengers for efficient trip planning.

With reliable and realtime transit data, you will improve the travel experience, increase ridership and bring passengers back from using private servicesor other modes.

eQtransit app

Enter destination
Download the eQtransit app and enter your destination.

Find nearby stops
Display nearby bus stops close to your location.

Select a route and time for departure
See the live location of buses with estimated arrival times at the stop.

Service updates
Receive trip updates and service alerts about a specific route or stop.

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