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Create Open Realtime Transit Data for improved operations and rider experience with our transit services.

Transit Network Data

Easily create detailed digital maps of your public transit network, showing terminals, routes and stops in a matter of weeks, if not days. Make use of headway or stop timetables to create GTFS static feeds for export to a 3rd-party repository.

Real-time Data

Digitalize and visualize live location of vehicles with ETA (estimated time of arrival) to create GTFS Realtime feeds for export to a 3rd-party repository. With our Android Driver app or a GPS tracking device, a vehicle becomes instant visible to bus operators and riders.

Trip Planning

Build trust and boost ridership by providing riders with reliable arrival times and live location of buses. With our eQ Transit app, riders can easily find nearby stops and routes, search for trips, and track buses live with ETA.

Transit Tools

Live performance
Improve daily operations by visualizing the live location of vehicles with ETA on a map.  Monitor buses in real-time to manage bunching and on-time performance, optimizing fleet efficiency for each route and service throughout the day.  

Playback rides
Replay bus movements based on historical real-time data for any day on a map. Easily playback specific routes for specific vehicles in time to ensure route or schedule compliance, vehicle position, and more.  

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