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Create Open Real-time Transit Data for improved operations and passenger experience with our eQconnect® services.

Transit Network Data

Create a detailed transit network map in our eQconnect® cloud server or import existing GTFS Static data to a dedicated user environment. Terminals, stops and routes are easily visualized and edited, ensuring complete, correct, and up-to-date information. The data generated can be used to gain a deeper understanding and analysis of the network infrastructure, and is key to deliver real-time visualization of buses.

Real-time Data

Generate GTFS Realtime data using our Time2Go® Driver app or a GPS tracking device onboard the bus. Once registered and activated, vehicle location is updated and visualized in real-time, and the estimated time of arrival at bus stops and destination is calculated. GTFS feeds can be exported in open data file-format and shared with passengers through own or third party channels.

Operations control

Manage and automize assignments, as well as dispatch vehicles to routes more efficient with our Connet2Route® service. Use our Time2Go® driver app or GPS tracking devices in the vehicles to monitor buses’ live location and estimated arrival times. The data generated can be used to make more informed business decisions, improving operational control and optimizing service efficiency.

Trip Planning

Generate and share accurate real-time updates with your passengers. Build trust and boost ridership by providing passengers with the most accurate arrival times and live location of buses. With our eQtransit® app, passengers can easily search for trips, nearby stops, and routes, as well as receive information about trip updates.

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