Route design for public transport

Create, digitalize and visualize routes for accurate planning and scheduling.


Visualize your network topology with our easy-to-use Collector app

We create detailed digital maps of your public transport network, showing terminals, routes, stops and hailing points in a matter of weeks, if not days. Easily edit routes for accurate route planning and service optimization.

Cloud management platform

In our cloud-native platform, you can configure your route network design, define routes for scheduling and rostering, as well as create duty IDs for your drivers and vehicles.

How it works

With our Collector app, data collectors or bus drivers easily geofence terminals, stops, hailing points, line stretches and route patterns.

The data collected is automatically sent to the cloud management platform. Verify bus stops and terminals to create and optimize routes.

Evaluate current routes and stops, and plan for new ones to build an efficient and accessible transport network.

A detailed map of the complete public transport network is visualized and data can be exported in GTFS format.


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