Real-time services

Create GTFS Realtime transit feeds for improved rider experience and transit service reliability.

Live transit data accessible for all

With our Android DRIVER app or a GPS tracking devices, we generate accurate GTFS Realtime feeds on live location of vehicles and ETAs that increase ridership and operations control. Riders can access real-time information through our eQ Transit app or any other transit application.

Boost ridership and revenue with reliable GTFS feeds
Make real-time information available to riders for efficient trip planning
Improve on-time performance
Make data-driven decisions
Share transit information on lines, routes and stops
Visualize live location, ETA predictions and vehicle occupancy
Share real-time updates on trips and service alerts
Connect seamlessly with riders

Easy to implement, simple to use

Android device or GPS tracker

Use the existing location hardware onboard the bus or plug a low-cost GPS tracking device into the diagnostic port (OBD). Or simply download our Android DRIVER app.

Register and activate

Register and activate the DRIVER app or GPS tracking device.

Routes and schedules

Define routes and schedules on the transit cloud server.

Create and validate

Create and validate the data generated, including information on trips, agency, ETAs, calendar, service alerts, occupancy levels and more.

Export GTFS feeds

Export the data as GTFS Realtime feeds in open data file-format to the eQ Transit app or any other transit application.

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