Realtime data

Visualize live location data to improve operations

Generate GTFS Realtime data using our Time2Go® Driver app or a GPS tracking device onboard the bus. Once registered and activated on our eQconnect® cloud server, vehicle location is updated and visualized in real-time, and the estimated time of arrival at bus stops and destination is calculated. GTFS feeds can be exported in open data file-format and shared with passengers through own or third party channels.

Real-time data for all

Access to real-time information allows people to smoothly plan their journey and manage their time more efficiently. 

With real-time data, bus operators have access to insights on demand and performance. Operational deviations can be identified, measured and corrected. Operations management can easily take necessary actions to maintain the operation.

Time2Go® Driver app

With our Time2Go® Driver app designed for Android smartphones or tablets, live location data is shared with operational management. Drivers using the app will be instructed to adjust their driving to meet headway.

Driver login
Login to the Time2Go® Driver app at the depot or the starting terminal.

Select vehicle
Select the vehicle to activate the route schedule.

Follow color guidelines 
Screen turns blue, yellow or red for keeping headway (slow down or speed up).

Receive trip updates and service alerts about a specific route or stop.

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