Public transport operators

With an affordable subscription service, we enable you to monitor, plan and optimize resources, schedules, rosters and on-time performance.

Visualize your network topology

Create accurate and detailed digital maps of your transport network, including terminals, routes, stops and hailing points.

Reduce fleet costs

Monitor vehicles in real-time and make necessary interventions to manage bus bunching, detours and others. Gather data on your line's performance to maximize vehicle usage and staff productivity.

Dynamic route planning

Evaluate current routes and stops, and plan for new ones. Manually design new routes to build an efficient and accessible transport network promoting public transport equity and inclusion.

Increase ridership

Make real-time data available to your passengers and increase public transport usage. With our Passenger app, buses are visualized in real-time with up-to-date information about arrival times.

e-hailing on the spot

Make your on-demand public transport fully flexible with real-time trip planning. With our intuitive Passenger app, travellers can easily make an e-hailing request at a virtual stop.

Improve service reliability

With our Driver app, buses are automatically visible. Dispatches can instantly create new routes to avoid service disruptions, and quickly communicate with drivers.

AI powered ETA

Our arrival time prediction model creates accurate traffic data on bus positions. With a proactive model, we calculate the most accurate ETA at each stop and destination.

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