Real-time vehicle operation

Optimize schedules, monitor route adherence, handle detours and bus bunching.

Empowering agencies and cities with data on public transit performance

With our Real-time Vehicle Operation Services, a vehicle’s location is constantly updated and dispatchers will be notified of early or late buses based on our AI ETA algorithms. Instantly create new routes to avoid service disruptions, as well as gather data on lines’ performance to maximize vehicle usage and staff productivity.


Cloud management platform

Monitor vehicle location and status in real-time.
Handle detours and bus bunching.
Optimize schedules and monitor route adherence.
Export GTFS Static and Realtime feeds with third parties for open data sharing.

Improve service reliability with our Driver app

When a driver logs in to our Driver app, vehicle location is constantly transmitted to our cloud management platform.
Our AI-based arrival time prediction model creates accurate traffic data on bus positions.
Dispatchers and drivers can quickly and easily communicate with each other.
Notify drivers of route deviations and detours.
For on-demand services, the app receives trip requests from riders.
Drivers can enter vehicle occupancy levels in real-time. The data is shared with dispatch and riders.

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