Operations control

Monitor and digitalize assignments

Manage and automize assignments, as well as dispatch vehicles to routes more efficient with our Connet2Route® service. Use our Time2Go® Driver app or GPS tracking devices in the vehicles to monitor buses’ live location and estimated arrival times. The data generated can be used to make more informed business decisions, improving operational control and optimizing service efficiency.

Dispatch 'on the go'

With our Connect2Route® service, we digitalize and connect buses using GPS tracking devices with assigned routes. Operations management, dispatch or field staff equipped with Android tablets can assign and dispatch vehicles ’on the go’; as well as receive instant notifications and alerts if buses are not assigned, dispatched or deviating from routes.


Bus starts 
When a bus starts at a depot or off-route, it is defined as a “Dead run service” in the eQconnect® cloud server.

Service journey
As the bus approaches the starting terminal, it is automatically switched to “Service Journey” mode.

Route deviation
If a bus deviates from its assigned route, an alert is sent to dispatch and loses its “Service Journey” status. When the bus re- enters the route, its status is automatically reactivated.

Manual dispatch
Operational management and dispatch can handle assignments and connect vehicles to routes and duties manually.

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