Cities and authorities

Empowering cities around the world with real-time public transport data to better meet citizens' mobility needs.

Visualize your network topology

Create accurate and detailed digital maps of your entire transport network. In just a few days, your public transport network is visualized and can be shared with the public.

Improve quality of life

Real-time data on public transport performance is generated, allowing you to plan for overcoming challenges of public transport and urban sustainability.

Increase ridership

Boost ridership and increase passenger experience with accurate real-time information on routes and vehicle position.

Inclusion and diversity

Create optimal routes for a more people-centred public transport with special attention to the needs of those in vulnerable situations (women, children, elders and persons with disabilities).

Flexibel transport

Combine on-demand and fixed route services by making information such as the live location of buses and up-to-date information about arrival times available to passengers.

Urban planning

We provide city planners with public transport network topology data (terminals, routes, stops and hailing points) and GTFS-Realtime feeds on vehicle movements in a city.

Reduce public transport CO2 emissions

Real-time vehicle operation increases ridership. Data can be the single strategy that by increasing the number of passengers, improves sustainability, equality and accessibility.

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