Open transit data

Enabling open transit data across the entire multi-modal transit landscape.

enrouteQ empowers transit operators, cities and urban mobility providers with open data to improve services, city infrastructure and rider experience. 

Open transit data

GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) is a global transit data standard for passenger information. GTFS allows transit service providers to share their transit data on any transit application, including both static and real-time information. 

GOFS (General On-demand Transit Feed Specification) is an extension to GTFS with on-demand capabilities for flexible and demand responsive services.

enrouteQ is a member of MobilityData, driving the development of mobility data standards. Together, we work actively to improve trip planning for on-demand and fixed-route services in mobility apps, thus enhancing riders’ transit experience.

How does it work

We create GTFS Static data for terminals, stops and routes using our Android COLLECTOR app. The data is validated in the cloud server, where the transit network is visualized on a map.

With our Android DRIVER app or a GPS tracking device, GTFS Realtime data on the live location of vehicles is generated. Our ETA algorithms create accurate data on arrival times. Altogether, the generated data can be exported and made available on any transit application, including our eQ Transit app.


Benefits of open transit data

Transit Operators

Build trust and boost ridership by providing riders with the most accurate ETA information and live location of buses. Providing reliable and real-time information will improve the overall transit experience, opting for greater public transit usage. 


Making open transit data available to third-party MaaS providers could transform the entire multi-modal transit landscape, making traveling more affordable, attractive and safer.

We ensure you that the transit data generated is yours. You can use this data to monitor and visualize vehicles in real-time with accurate departure and arrival times, as well as make data-driven decisions. Optimize services and make real-time information available to your riders for efficient trip planning and improved rider experience. 

With reliable and real-time transit data, you will gain rider trust, increase ridership and bring riders back from using private services or other modes. Publish your real-time data on other transit or MaaS applications to attract more riders across the entire mobility landscape.

Use data to integrate more digital services such as CAD/AVL, mobile ticketing and more.

Real-time transit information allows people to smoothly plan their journey and manage their time more efficiently. Transit data can be used to create optimal routes for a more people-centred public transit, as well as reduce public transit CO2 emissions. 


Making transit data available, city infrastructure planning can be more efficient and accurate. third-party urban mobility or MaaS providers can utilize the data to create an interconnected multi-modal transit landscape. 

We simplify transit

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